CSI Sertapak Inc. is committed to being the leader in providing custom packaging systems to the industry through continuous innovation, cost effective design, customer intimacy and outstanding quality. We consider our customer to be our most important business partner. Exceeding our customers’ expectations makes our existence possible. Our strength is our people. Together we strive to provide an environment that targets excellence through our THINK philosophy.

  • Take Initiative.
  • Harness Innovation.
  • Inspire Responsiveness.
  • Never Be Satisfied.
  • Know Your Client.

CSI Sertapak’s THINK Philosophy – These are the core principles of our commitment to quality. Every member of our team has to take the pledge. Delivering on this pledge requires a tightly knit team of skilled, insightful professionals, each of whom excel in their field. CSI Sertapak Inc. specializes in returnable packaging solutions for the automotive, textile, plastics / resin, and food processing industries. From its three facilities, CSI Sertapak offers its customers the design, prototyping, and testing expertise required to ensure the most efficient method of handling product.